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13 of the Best Opt Outside Photos

November 30, 2017 1 min read

13 of the best opt outside photos. The I'd Hike That Crew asked our followers to share their opt outside photos and they really came through. See our favorites on idhikethat.com.

Opt Outside 2017 was one of the best yet!

In 2016 our family chose to opt outside on Black Friday. This year we carried on the tradition. But we were not alone. We asked our followers to sharetheir opt outside photos with us. Our team was blown away by the response!

Now we are sharing our favorites! It was hard to narrow it down, but after much deliberation, we were able to choose our top 13 photos.

So without further ado, here are our favorite #idhikethatcrew #optoutside photos from 2017.


Shelly H. G. - Big Four ice caves (Facebook)

I'd hike that ice cave hike opt outside


Mathis L. - Grand Canyon (Facebook)

opt outside id hike that crew grand canyon


Taylor G. @taylyn271 - Mount Baden (Instagram) 

I'd hike that opt outside


Brianna C. - Torrey Pines State Park (Facebook)

I'd Hike That Crew opt outside torrey pines California 


Tansy W. - Joshua Tree National Park (Facebook) 

I'd hike that crew opt outside joshua tree


Breanna @breannariley_ - Lake Blanche Utah (Instagram)  

I'd Hike That crew opt outside lake blanche


Tenaya H. - Jewel Basin Montana (Facebook)

opt outside I'd hike that crew jewel basin  


Charlene B. - Foothills Trail South Carolina (Facebook) 

I'd hike that crew opt outside foothills trail south carolina


Heather S. - Bighorn Wyoming (Facebook) 

opt outside id hike that crew wyoming


Marcella @mar_runsallthetrails - Mount Sanitas Colorado (Instagram)

id hike that crew opt outside mount sanitas


Kyla H - Blue Lake Washington (Facebook)

id hike that crew opt outside blue lake washington


Jamie Dawn A. - Petroglyphs Hike Utah (Facebook)

I'd Hike that crew opt outside Petroglyphs Hike, Utah


John N Meg - Alaska (Facebook) 

id hike that crew opt outside Alaska

As you can see, fun was had by all! Thank you to everyone who shared your amazing photos with us. We had so much fun putting this post together!  

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13 of the Best Opt Outside Photos