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Celebrate National Trails Day with a Hike

May 30, 2018 2 min read

Celebrate national trails day with a hike. Visit to find out how to find a national trails day hike near you.

There is no better day to spend outside enjoying and maintaining our beautiful trails than this Saturday.

Not only is this Saturday National Trails Day, but it is the 50th Anniversary of the National Trails System Act.

The National Trails System Actbrought the establishment of national trails in 1968 "to promote the preservation of, public access to, travel within, and enjoyment and appreciation of the open-air, outdoor areas and historic resources of the Nation."   

If it weren't for the maintenance and protection of our national trails by federal agencies, we would not get to enjoy the trails we know and love today.  Because they are designated by Congress, future generations to come will also be able to appreciate our national trails. 

In honor of celebrating 50 years of national trails, the American Hiking Society is asking everyone to take a pledge to leave the trail in better condition than how you found it.  

How can you participate in this pledge?

You can improve a trail on your own or with some friends by simply collecting trash as you hike, or find an organized trail work party happening near you, focused on maintaining or building a new trail. 

Everyone who takes the pledge to improve a section of trail (no matter the length) will be entered to win a grand prize, including swag and premium outdoor gear.

How cool would it be to join thousands of people all across the United States, collectively improving 2,802 miles of trails in one single day?

Whether you sign up to take the pledge or not, may everyone be encouraged to celebrate National Trails Day by enjoying nature doing something that you love.  

Aside from events focused on improving trails, there are thousands of activities you can be a part of, including bike riding, horseback riding, hiking, kids activities, paddle activities, and trail running.

Be sure to share photos and stories by tagging #NationalTrailsDay and @americanhiking on social media.  And as always, also use #idhikethatcrew and tag @idhikethat for a chance to be featured on our social media.  

How do you plan to celebrate National Trails Day?  

We look forward to seeing your photos and hearing how you chose to celebrate National Trails Day in the great outdoors!

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Celebrate National Trails Day with a Hike