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How to Discover Hiking Gems in your Own Neighborhood

August 15, 2018

How to discover hiking gems in your own neighborhood. Visit and learn how to find the hiking gems near you.

Have you ever taken the time to explore what is in your neighborhood?  

Everyone loves to travel to popular hiking destinations near their local city, but there is something special about finding hidden treasures just minutes from your home.

Getting your family and friends outdoors for a hike doesn’t have to be complicated.  Sometimes, it can feel like an all-day event to get everyone, plus snacks and gear, packed into the car to travel the short distance to famous hiking locations.  Though these adventures are certainly fun and memorable, they can sometimes not happen as frequently as one would like.

Today, I want to encourage you to explore your own backyard.  

Follow these simple steps to discover the hidden gems around you:

  1. Figure out what’s around you in your neighborhood.  Look in your local city newsletter. Search in the local Facebook groups you may be a part of.  See what gems other neighbors have discovered.  Getting involved in a hiking community is another great resource for discovering what nature parks and trails are near you. 
  2. Make a list and a plan.  Once you’ve researched nearby gems, make a list of ones you want to visit.  Figure them out on paper. How long are the trails? How far away is it? If you have a baby or toddler who can’t handle the hike yet, is it stroller friendly or is a baby carrier a better option?  If you have a dog, is it dog-friendly? Is there a designated place to let dogs off leash?
  3. Get out there and start doing them.  Get out your calendar and start putting down some dates you plan to set aside for family hikes.  
  4. Fall in love with what’s around you.  You might be surprised at the beauty that surrounds your home.  

Finding the hidden treasures that are in your own backyard can be an exciting and rewarding experience, and just may even get you and your loved ones out hiking more often.  

So take some time to figure out what's around your neighborhood, make a list and a plan, get out there and start doing them, and you will fall in love with the nature encompassing you.

Have you already discovered hidden gems in your neighborhood?  What advice would you have for someone who is searching for new adventures near their home?

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