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Hike It Baby is an Amazing Resource for Families

2 min read

Hike It Baby is an amazing resource for families. Visit to find out how to join.

There is no better time to instill in your children a love for the outdoors, and one great way to do that is to get involved with Hike It Baby.  

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are beginning to have consistent beautiful weather.  It is the perfect weather to get your little ones outdoors exploring nature.  

Have you heard of this amazing nonprofit organization?  Hike It Baby was founded in July of 2013 by Shanti Hodges.  She simply invited a few families to join her for a hike one day in Portland, Oregon, and over time, the number of participants dramatically increased to many more families.  

Today, Hike It Baby has nearly 180,000 families participating all over the nation through 3,000 hosted hikes every month.  The mission of Hike It Baby is to build "communities that support getting families outside with children from birth to school age."

Hike It Baby currently has over 300 branches with 600 ambassadors representing Hike It Baby in every city they are in.  You can become a member for just $10 a year and get access to many great benefits, including a hike calendar, local branch community support, access to quarterly challenges, digital subscription to Backpacker Magazine, one free HIB30 challenge registration, access to buy n'sell forum, and hiking tips and product reviews.  

Find your city to see if Hike It Baby has a branch near you.  Anyone can also sign up to host a hike by registering, logging in, and submitting a hike.  Make sure you also check out the 10K Women Trail Project. This is an initiative started by Hike It Baby to get women and girls on trails all across North America.  You do not have to have kids to join the 10K Women Trail Project. 

Our I'd Hike That Crew is passionate about getting kids outside exploring nature, as we have two little ones ourselves.  It is our hope that this will encourage others with kiddos to get outside more.  There are so many great benefits to hiking with your kids.

Are you a member of Hike It Baby?  What has your experience been like?  We would love to hear your story. 


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