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5 Fun Games to Play While Hiking with Kids

August 08, 2018 2 min read

5 Fun games to play while hiking with kids. Visit idhikethat.com to find out how to make your hiking trips fun for the whole family.

Every day, more families with kids are getting out to enjoy some hiking.  

Hiking is a great activity to do as a family, but in such a technology-driven world, sometimes young ones need something interesting and engaging to do as they hike. 

Have you ever played games on your outdoor adventures?  Check out these 5 popular games that can be great to play on the trails:

1.  Hide and Seek

As you probably can guess, this game is best played among older, responsible kids.  Just as it sounds, it is a hide and seek while you hike.  The person who is hiding runs ahead on the trails (be sure to establish a rule on how far ahead they can go) and looks for something to hide behind, such as a tree, rock, or other large object.  Everyone continues to hike while the hider hides and waits for them.  Rotate hiders so that everybody has a turn.  Kids who were previously dragging their feet will be so eager to run ahead to find the perfect hiding spot! Remember to make sure the hiders are careful to stay on the trail and practice the rules of Leave No Trace

2.  Scavenger Hunt

Make a check-off list of all the things you might find on the trails, and bring it with you.  Set a time limit and encourage your kids to find all of the items on the list in the set amount of time.  Print off this great free printable with 20 items already pictured, grab some pencils, and have fun hiking!

3.  20 Questions

Hide an object in your hand, and have kids guess what it is in 20 questions or less.  Whoever guesses correctly gets to then be the one to hide an object.  You could also play this game how it is traditionally played.  Somebody thinks of a person, place, or thing, and everyone else has to guess who or what they are thinking of in 20 questions or less.

4.  ABC's

This is a great, educational game to play for little ones learning their alphabet.  Start with the letter "A" and have everyone look for objects along the trail that begin with "A."  Once found, move on to "B" and work your way through the alphabet.

5.  Categories

Choose a specific category, such as food that begins with the letter "b," activities to do outside, animals that live in the jungle, etc.  Take turns naming things in that category until everyone can no longer think of something else.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas of ways to spice up hiking for your little ones.  And if you are in the market for a comfortable child carrier, be sure to check out this blog post about how to choose the best child carrier for your hikes.

What is your favorite game to play on the trails?  

We are always looking for new ways to keep everyone engaged and excited to be outdoors!

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5 Fun Games to Play While Hiking with Kids