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5 Tips for Enjoying Hiking in the Rain

October 10, 2018 2 min read 2 Comments

5 Tips for enjoying hiking in the rain. Visit idhikethat.com and find out how you can make rainy day hikes more enjoyable.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it is getting to be that time of year where rain is falling.  

Rainy days do not have to mean no more hiking until we see sunny days again.  

In fact, hiking in the rain can be enjoyable and refreshing, as long as you are prepared for the rain.  

Follow these 5 tips for your rainy day hikes:

1.  Bring proper rain gear.

You will be really glad if you decide to invest in quality rain gear.  Make sure your jacket, pants, and footwear are waterproof and breathable.  Invest in materials, such as Goretex or eVent, that allow moisture to escape but prevent rain from coming in.

Trekking poles can be very useful on uneven and slippery terrain, such as muddy trails.  They are also helpful for crossing streams.  

Consider bringing a lightweight silnylon rain cover to protect your pack from water damage.

Pack several trash bags and zip lock bags.  Trash bags will come in handy for storing your muddy boots and wet clothes for the drive home.  You may want to also consider having a dry towel in the car to dry off your hands, face, and whatever else is wet.  (Remember to also pack dry clothes and shoes to change into.  You will be so thankful to have warm, cozy clothes for the drive home.)    Zip lock bags will come in handy for keeping your essentials from getting wet.

2.  Layer up for the occasion.

Staying nice and dry will ensure for a successful rainy day hike.  Choose clothing made with merino and or synthetic materials.  Waterproof and moisture-wicking clothing will help to keep you comfortable.  It is wise to wear waterproof boots that have sticky rubber soles as you will likely run into a lot of mud.  A good hat for head covering is also important. Wear high socks or gaiters.  

3.  Choose the right trail.

Consider the weather you will be hiking in and select your destination carefully.  Pick a trail that isn't too steep, and avoid exposed ridge walks or trails where you have to maneuver over slick rocks.

4.  Pack appropriate snacks and water.

Rainy day hikes call for extra calories and frequent snacks.  Choose calorie-dense snacks you can easily grab from your pocket and eat on the go, such as granola bars and nuts.  Consider one of these 5 healthy hiking snacks.

Also, make sure you are drinking water.  It's easy to not drink enough water when you're surrounded by it, but it is important to stay hydrated.

5.  Have the best attitude!

Sometimes, the weather can put a damper on your mood.  But hiking in the rain can be just as fun, especially if you are prepared with these tips.  No matter what, make sure you have a great attitude.  Your mood can affect the outcome of the hike, as well as the experience those around you are having.  Don't be a party pooper!

Before you venture off for a hike in the rain, remember...

  • Bring proper rain gear

  • Layer up for the occasion

  • Choose the right trail

  • Pack appropriate snacks and water

  • Have the best attitude!

 What tips do you have for hiking in the rain?  We would love to hear them.

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      October 15, 2018

      Helpful hints, thanks. I live in the Pacific NW, so I need to hike more during the rainy months.

      Diane Solomon
      Diane Solomon

      October 15, 2018

      Try to pick a hike you know that has tree coverage or another type so you have a chance to get under cover for a bit to eat or change out wet clothing, socks etc… and just have fun. We love fall hiking even in the rain. A true northwestern never let’s rain get in the way of a good time.

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      5 Tips for Enjoying Hiking in the Rain